Time management gurus

Time Management Gurus

David Allen is the man behind "Getting things done" method and the book of the same name. If you can't afford to go to his seminars, at least the book is a must-read. Discuss GTD at Time management forums.

Alan Lakein - the father of time management. Quoted from his website: "Time Management was invented in 1968 by Harvard M.B.A. Alan Lakein. " His time management book called "How to get control of your time and your life" sold in over 3 millions copies, and young Bill Clinton was one of the readers. Lately he has been teaching time management course at Rushmore, since 2004. Also see the Alan Lakein discussion board on Time management forum.

Stephen Covey is the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Many people follow his way of thinking, others merge it with David Allen's GTD, some don't like it that much. Definitely at least read his book.

Tony Robbins - not completely sure if time management guru is the right category for him, in fact it isn't, but he has several related courses and technologies, like Rapid Planning Method, that has many followers. His website doesn't load correctly in Firefox...he obviously doesn't employ webdesign gurus, but that shouldn't stop you at least to check it.

also see time management books by some of these experts or go directly to our time management book shop