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fed up with procrastination? join and discuss

So after all those years, you have finally grown fed up with your procrastination habit, and ready for some change? Ready to become more productive?

Join procrastination forum. You can post about your daily progress, find friends to fight against procrastination together and support each other. It has plenty features, new will be added upon request, and is of course free.

Share some stories!

Hi! Im Rick, an industrial design student at UW-Stout. I'm looking for help compiling some scary stories about procrastination, and some input on the types of objects or methods people use to help curb it.

Procrastination and emotional peaks and lows

For many reasons, I have decided to start writing more. Not that writing has ever been my hobby, quite opposite, when having to write something, procrastination is all I usually manage in that respect for a long time. This time was different. Just the thinking about it got me pretty enthusiastic.

The Have-Done List

You know how time management gurus recommend coming up with a to-do list as a way to curb procrastination? My friend came up with this idea: a have-done list. Sure, you can draw up your to-do list (although my friend suggests keeping it to just three items at first, so it won't look so daunting), but then keep a scrap of paper or better yet a notebook handy in order to record the things you HAVE done. It's like a record of accomplishments, so you don't keep feeling like a useless lump of organic material. I tried it, and I have to admit, looking over my have-done list felt better than moaning over my vaguely accusing to-do list.

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Joseph Bennette, anxiety consultant in Salem, Oregon, published an article in his newsletter on how to deal with self sabotage (republished here with permission):

Getting Out of Your Own Way

For most of us, the biggest problem we have in manifesting what we want is ourselves - we get in our own way. I think I know what I want to do, yet I find myself thwarting my own efforts - self sabotage. What’s more, I find myself judging myself for all that sabotage saying, “It’s my fault. I didn’t do what I was supposed to do to make this work.” blah, blah, blah.

Procrastination directory just started

Just started the procrastination directory.

In case you plan to submit something and are not the owner of submitted website, it will ask for your email address anyway, which you probably don't want to input. So just input anything It's a problem with that script, that I hope will be fixed by authors soon. The email adresses are not used for anything, after all, than to send a notice about approval.

Hope it will grow and grow and grow....


first of all

be of value to all the visitors here!

Buyers guide to procrastination products

I have just cooked up the "Buyers Guide To Procrastination Products and Therapy". If that was a software, it would be called version 0.9 or a beta version, but it is not. Therefore, I would welcome any comments, to make it better, more relevant, more readable, useful and understandable.

While it slightly leans towards the problems of procrastinators,  it can also be used as a general guide for the self-help field.

Negative feedback is welcome, but if you have positive one, I can stand it as well :).

Why it is so hard to quit procrastinating : short Sunday thought

Procrastination is about not being persistent. Yet installing any habit requires persistence at start. That's why procrastination is one of the hardest mental problems to fight.

If someone happens to have low self esteem, yet they manage to find a good working method, they will find improvement relatively possible.
If someone procrastinates, and finds a promising technique to improve productivity, they still will procrastinate to implement it.

The first step in overcoming procrastination: choose whichever most promising method that seems good to you, and stick to it. Persist.

writing blog is a form of self-therapy

From over 600 people questioned in a survey about bloggers and blogging, almost half of them writes online journals (blogs) as a form of self-help therapy, one third of them purportedly write about self-help and self-esteem topics.

When problems come, one third of participants seek help with family and friends, another third turns to blogs, either writing their own or reading about people experiencing similar symptoms or writing about same issues.

Now if you want to test that with your procrastination problems, feel free to contact me and I will establish your own blog for you here on Procrastination Help.

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