Do It now and Productivity Engineering comparison

Here is a short comparison of two of the programs I consider to be among the best of what is available today:

Productivity Engineering Do It Now
author Neil Fiore : hypnotherapist with PhD in psychology, former Lieutenant with the 101st Airborne Division or psychologist and career counselor at the UC Berkeley. World's foremost specialist and expert on procrastination and productivity, author of "The Now Habit" - bestselling procrastination book. Wendi Friesen : hypnotherapist, author of highly popular range of hypnotherapeutical audio and video products.
short description Subtle yet powerful, well grounded and balanced, more solid and calm approach. More aggressive, less grounded and balanced, less subtle. More motivational approach.
final word I am not afraid to name it the best and most complete solution for procrastination problems currently available. Solid product. Works great especially for highly visual people.
rating ***** - 5/5 stars
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**** - 4/5 stars
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