Do It Now by Wendi Friesen

Didn't you always wanted to Do Things Now instead of tomorrow or never (and have the results guaranteed)?

Do It Now cd's are a one of the best productivity boosters that I have seen, and what's better, we are talking about permanent productivity habit installation.  They will help you fight procrastination and are one of the resources that I have personally used and can recommend. Only if they meet your criteria, though - you have to find out on your own, which is actually easy as they offer a one year unconditional money back guarantee - plenty of time to test. These cd's are less balanced than those by Neil Fiore. They also take somewhat more aggressive approach to certain issues, like the self sabotage release. For me that one particular track made wonders, but it can also be a bit dangerous (the experience might be very deep and powerful, to me it felt almost like having undergone a surgery - as if "something" really got removed, and I felt much better after it), so make sure to listen to it in a comfortable place without outside disturbances.

Wendi Friesen, the author, is long established in the field,  HAS RESULTS, and full money refunds for those who couldn't get them with any of her products. Click on the image to find more details about this powerful program.

In total, there are 15 tracks on 4 cd's, some of the tracks are:

  • Do It Now - the flagship track, no one shall miss it
  • Future Self - what you have always wanted to be, powerful installation
  • Put it away
  • Throw it away
  • Stop Sabotage - very very strong experience for me personally
  • Big Task Management
  • Morning Meditation - just 7 minutes, the best way to start your day, it will make you feel great and productive right from the morning on