Buyers Guide to Products and Therapy - How to Stay Away From Scam


How to stay away from scam or what's not working

  • Make sure there is an author mentioned and there is some information about the author
  • In ideal world, the author shall be a specialist on the topic (procrastination, productivity, time management, fear eradication, add/adhd,...)
  • Make sure the company you are buying from, has some contact means mentioned. Don't hesitate to contact the company before the purchase with your questions.
  • Stay away from things that have "subliminal" as part of the name.
  • Look for testimonials. Those published on authors websites might be OK, but often they are not (especially electronic books testimonials are often just a nonsense, did you know books exist on how to write good testimonials and there are people who write testimonials for living). Ask friends and other people with same problem.
  • If the people recommending the product to you are affiliates of the author (=are making commission on each sale, or on advertisements), double check what they are saying. (On this web, you WILL find products that we are affiliates for and make money on. This is the means of covering the costs of running the server. However, we only do so for products PERSONALLY tested or used, and such ones that we can stand behind their effectiveness personally. Period.  There are many others that were tested and didnt' made it onto the list.)
  • If the product doesn't come with money back guarantee, think twice before even considering it.
  • Don't be afraid to utilize the money back guarantee if you feel the product didn't deliver. It's your right.
  • Don't buy products you don't wish to use, for the problems you don't wish to fix. (...if you don't understand, don't worry, you are on a good path towards a change...)



What to know before choosing the therapist

  • If the therapist is paid by an hour, you have got a problem.
  • The therapist shall better have an experience with procrastination and self-sabotage cases.
  • Drugs are NOT a choice. Drugs are only if you have no choice.
  • You must have very strong motivation to make it. Therapist on his/her own can't make it for you.
  • Ask for guarantees. Look for honesty. Honesty is not if they will tell you that it might take years (except just few % of cases). Honesty is if they will tell you "If there will be no sign of improvement after three sessions, we will stop and I will refer you to someone else/better/some more suitable form of therapy"
  • Unlike products, services from therapists do not come with money back guarantee (except in rare cases).
  • Therapists are much more expensive than products. On the other hand, they can deliver a made-to-measure solution.
  • As there are good products and bad products, there are good and bad therapists.  Many great therapists will help even when using mediocre methods. Many bad therapists will fail despite using the most advanced therapeutical methods.
  • Psychotherapy has the lowest success rate among all medical fields. Most conservative people in the field are against alternative healing methodsand talk about how only the official methods are backed up scientifically. Yet the fail to deliver terribly when it comes to success rate. Not speaking about the fact that "being backed up by tremendous profits of pharmaceutical companies selling drugs" is not the same as "being backed up
  • And yes, there are many charlatans, oafs and just wannabes between those offering alternative methods and approaches. But be sure there are also some people in the alternative therapies field that have tremendous success rates and are genuine. How to distinguish? The research takes time, effort and dedication.
  • Example: say, someone does hypnosis on you and it doesn't work. It doesn't mean, though, that hypnosis doesn't work. It only means that the person who worked with you was unable to fix your problem using hypnotherapy. There might be someone else who will do the miracles on you using the same method. Remember, it mostly depends on the therapist.