How to setup My Life Organized

Templates, formerly downloadable from, are now included right with the default install of My Life Organized. Best start from them and adjust them in line with your needs.

MyLife Organized discussion group is the place to discuss them and read other users feedback and experiences.

I have authored few simple convertors for data transfers between MLO and other programs (Life Balance, Shadow Plan, Mind Manager, Bonsai, ...). If you followed the link to this site and it was broken, there was probably some update (lots of significant updates recently). Don't hesitate to use the contact link from the menu, and I will digg up a copy for you from my harddisk. It might happen some of these converters are obsolete already, or don't work in all cases - you have been warned. 


Bonsai plugin to convert from Bonsai to MyLife Organized

various converters from/to LifeBalance, MindManager, Shadow Plan - warning, might be obsolete, limited, or one way only 

I don't plan to write any more, but if you need some, try to ask on the above mentioned discussion group. Chances are someone willl help.