Recipe against procrastination

Warning - this is more or less meant on a lightly note, perhaps as a slightly motivational article...

Procrastination is a rather serious issue. Various researches shown that, for example, up to 70% of students tend to procrastinate at least occasionally. Another interesting number was brought to attention in a recent research done by Tim Pychyl and Jennifer Lavoie - they discovered that 47% of the time spent online on the internet amounts to nothing else but work avoidance. Many people look for an instant cure for everything, but especially when it comes to procrastination, such a cure remains a distant dream. Procrastination can be a really tough nut to crack, as the word itself is just a non-descriptive label covering many possible symptoms and causes, often quite unrelated. In a hope that it will inspire some, I am offering a recipe from my anti-procrastination cuisine:

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Ingredients and requirements:
1 full pot of water
1 teaspoon of herb of oblivion
2 pounds of awareness
1 cup of enthusiasm and passion
1 pen
1 blank book

As the first step, open your drawer and throw away all the old cookbooks. No matter who wrote them, was it your mother, your father, perhaps your teacher or your significant other, whoever was the author, throw these cookbooks away. Take the blank book; write your name as an author on it and this recipe on the first empty page, as the first one of the recipes to come.

Next step, heat the water over medium flame, add subsequently the herb of oblivion and two pounds of awareness. Toss in the enthusiasm and passion while stirring several times, and cook until the mixture is well-blended, about 20 minutes. Drink one glass every day immediately after awakening.