About procrastination

Procrastination is the act of procrastinating, putting tasks off to a future, delaying, deferring, postponing, not getting around to tasks.

Synonyms: cunctation, shillyshally, dilatoriness

According to the Random House Webster's dictionary, the verb procrastinate has following synonyms:

delay, stall, play for time, temporize, kill time, dally, tarry, loiter, dillydally, dawdle, waste time, twiddle one's thumbs, linger, drag one's feet; put off action, defer, postpone, adjourn, put on ice, wait till tomorrow; hesitate, hold back, hang back, lag, bedilatory.

There are number of possible cures to procrastination. You can overcome procrastination with various psychological methods. It is also possible to stop procrastination with energy work techniques. Some people succesfully utilize just simple time management techniques to end procrastination in its tracks.

Whichever technique to quit procrastination one will choose, the most important factor for breaking the procrastination habit is persistence. Habits are tough to break, the procrastination habit being one of the toughest.


Procrastinating is a serious problem affecting 25-70% of population. According to the research done by McCown & Roberts, 40% of people have experienced loss due to procrastination and around 25% of people claim their problem to be chronic.

procrastinate (derived words: procrastination, procrastinator)
1. to defer an action: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost
2. from the Latin crastinus: "to belong to tomorrow"

It is one of the most expensive problems one could ever have. If an average procrastinator would count up the losses from missed opportunities in school, carreer and personal life, when expressed in monetary terms, it would often be an impressive amount of money. Not counting the emotional and psychical losses - often even more depressing.

Procrastination is not laziness
. Most people, who were never affected by this problem, will show very little understanding for problems that usual procrastinator is facing every day in real life - which will add even more to her/his problems. Others will attempt to help with well meant time management advices, wondering why the procrastinator is impossible to implement them, thinking she/he must be lazy. Again, that will just make the problem deeper and more depressing.

Procrastination, though not officially classified as such, is a psychological problem that can have roots in (or comes alongside with) several officialy recognized "illnesses" (eg. phobia, depression, low self-esteem). Other causes can range anywhere from bad time management abilities to problems with authorities, self-sabotage, bad decision making or self-motivational issues.

As there is no single cause, there is also no single cure. While some will be helped by few basic time management rules, others will maintain their procrastination despite long-term visits to the psychologist.

We are dedicated to bring you articles and resources to help you get rid of procrastination and task avoidance. Overcoming procrastination is not easy for most people. I hope to help you to overcome itmore easily, with practical methods for beating procrastinaton, tips and ideas that you can use right away. I recognize there is no easy fix (though I have seen some extremely effective methods, not a single one worked for 100% of people), yet I still will do my best to help you crack this nut and introduce you to every method and technique that I have tested and consider working at least in some cases.