Procrastination help news - November

It has been few weeks since I have written anything. So here are at least the news as of what is being cooked in the  Procrastination Help kitchen:

  • Humor section is being worked on to move it a level up
  • an information and correction as to who is the originator of procrastination day
  • Stop Procrastination with Huna - how to use the knowledge of powerful and wise Hawaiian shamans, Kahuna, to take control of your life and repel the procrastination problems. Now this is something I am proud of - or at least I will be once it is published. It will be a free online mini-book. For sure, it will not cover Huna, it will only offer the recipes, methods. I will also do my best so that it doesn't interfere with any religious beliefs people visiting here might have, so I will attempt to remove all the spiritual information behind and just keep the working techniques.
  • review of Life Balance outlining software, and a template for it
  • I would also love to revive the idea of giving free blogs here to procrastinators to use as a "therapeutic" tool and look what I can do with the discussion board to resuscitate it