Motivaider is a small electronic device, simple by design and functionality, yet amazing by by behavioral change and results accomplished. Brainchild of Dr Steve Levinson, it is manufactured by Behavioral Dynamics Inc. (founded in 1987, Motivaider being their main product and passion).

MotivAider empowers people to make desired changes in their own behavior, especially to replace old unwanted habits by new, more constructive and productive ones.It works by keeping your mind focused on tje change you want to make right now.

MotivAider looks like a pager and weighs less than three ounces. You simply clip it on your belt or waistband or carry it in a pocket. It sends you a self-repeating private signal - a pulsing vibration - that keeps you tuned-in to your personal behavioral change goal.

How to Use the MotivAider

To use the MotivAider, you simply devise a brief personal message that reminds and motivates you to take action to achieve your goal. Next, you assign your personal message to the MotivAider's vibration so that whenever you feel the vibration, you'll automatically think the message. Finally, you set the MotivAider to send you signals — and therefore your message — as often as it takes to keep you on track. That's all there is to it, MotivAider does the rest.

With a steady stream of private reminders flowing through your mind, your mind stays "set" on your goal until you reach it.

It is very versatile: the same simple tool will help you stick to a diet, improve your golf or tennis game, or improve your job performance. You can use the MotivAider to try out a new outlook or attitude, to stay focused at work, or to improve your image or your relationships. It can help you quit smoking, get organized, or be a better parent or partner. Or you can use it to improve your posture, reduce stress, become a more comfortable and effective public speaker, or stop biting your fingernails.

Whatever your good intention, the MotivAider gives you the power to follow through!

Motivaider will make you the true follow-thru king or queen.

And by the way, I use it myself!