What is laziness? According to my dictionary, the definition for laziness is:
aversion, disinclination (reluctance) or unwillingness to work. (For further definitions, see also laziness on Wikipedia and on WordNet)

I don't think it must be necessarily work related, there can be many activities apart from work where the word can be used appropriately.

The decision to create a page dedicated to laziness on this web has simple reason: there are misconceptions as for what laziness really is. Mostly I am bothered by some people being called lazy, when in fact they are suffering from procrastination - many would so much love to be more active or work more, but they just don't seem to be able to make it.

Laziness in my book is something completely different than procrastination and these two can't be in any way mistaken for another. This page will list more articles about laziness and its connection with procrastination soon.