Why it is so hard to quit procrastinating : short Sunday thought

Procrastination is about not being persistent. Yet installing any habit requires persistence at start. That's why procrastination is one of the hardest mental problems to fight.

If someone happens to have low self esteem, yet they manage to find a good working method, they will find improvement relatively possible.
If someone procrastinates, and finds a promising technique to improve productivity, they still will procrastinate to implement it.

The first step in overcoming procrastination: choose whichever most promising method that seems good to you, and stick to it. Persist. No matter what happens. Don't pile up stuff of "how-to" books on your desk, don't try this thing one day and another one the day after. Choose one, and persist following it, for at least a month. Perhaps you will miss a day, perhaps even a week, don't worry. It is OK. (Herewith you are officially allowed to skip a day or two. Maybe even force yourself to skip a day, just to test how it feels to being forced to skip your favorite productivity method, right?) Just continue. After a month or two, you will be much better off than when you started.